Law Information Analytic

The Indexa analytics platform cutting edge search and integration of law information gives Legal Professional. From researching a judge, connecting court ruling to mining of legal information through media. Indexa gives trends, patterns and show the Information that matters most.

Legal Professional Services

Indexa Professional service gives legal professional speed and competitive advantage. Start with digital documentation, permit-licenses platform and survey to end user in single dashboard.

Digital Government

Indexa Government Services enable government to develop their e-government system and integrate each system in one platform that help digitalized governance performance and added value for public service experience.



Indexation of Court Ruling displayed in various forms for the ease and accuracy of information to users


Getting information and data from larger audience through apps and produce chart data


Tools for collecting legal information directly from the hands of the user.


Analyze and connect various legal information to provide quantitative-qualitative data and insight from Court Ruling Prediction.


Government digital enabler give access to government to change analog process to digital in one command center


System to assist conference committee in process of paper proceeding and conference event.

Data Crawler

Extracting information related to law enforcement or legal information through social media and mainstream media


Customize Product that suitable for business process and needs of user.


Indexa Analytic

Pantau Peradilan

Form Engine


E-Gov System

About Us

What We Change

Indexa is Legal-Civic Tech that focus on Legal Analytic and Integration Law Information for legal professional civil society, and government.
Indexa enable legal professional to find, integrate and visualize each of data to give deeper understanding and connection between information. We give legal insight ammunition for legal professional to develop most informative legal opinion to client.
We hope to reform and geared up work process for legal professionals in conducting legal research, information gathering activities and professional workflow process in commercial, litigation and public service legal assistance .
Indexa was formed in 2016, as initiative by startup lawyer, civil society and scholar that interested in data driven legal research.


Evandri G Pantouw


M Agung Setiawan


Alvin Prayuda Juniarta Dwiyantoro

Head of Artifical Intelligence

Cendy Adam

Head of Legal

Ida Ayu Grhamtika Saitya

Head of Research and Development

Agus Sigit Wisnubroto

Web Application Specialist

Januar Dwi Putra Dalapang

E-Gov Application Specialist

Adery Ardhan Saputro

Criminal Justice Specialist

Andreas Nathaniel Marbun

Criminal Justice Specialist

Seyla Missy Togito Silitonga

Legal Specialist


Contact Us

Contact Us

If anyone wants to ask you can directly come to our place, or can send a email through [email protected]

Gedung Setiabudi 2, Lt 2 Suite 207 B-C
Jl. H R. Rasuna Said Kav.62
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